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Worldwide Immigration & Business Firm

Worldwide Immigration & Business Firm (WWIBF) thinks you require assistance before submitting applications for any type of Immigration, Citizenship or Business establishment. In this case, you must hire the services of a qualified and licensed lawyer who can present cutting-edge legal arguments and deliver success to its clients.

WWIBF has over 35 years of proven experience in finding and collaborating with the right and required senior immigration lawyers from all over the World for its clients. Our team has the right knowledge, experience and compassion to handle your specific case for your desired destination. Our lawyers have been practicing the Immigration law for several decades, subject to strict compliance & disciplined process by their respective law societies and have thousands of satisfied clients around the World.

“Why do you need a lawyer to handle immigration case?”

You will not seek a general physician, if you have a heart issue; you would rather see a Cardiologist!

The truth is you do not need just a lawyer, you need one with skilled immigration expertise, the one with legal training who knows about the “why” behind the “how to”, the one who can deal with a complex situation or problems that may arise, the one who knows the most up to date Immigration law and procedures, the one who handles immigration cases all the time and not “on the side” and most especially one whom you can trust your family’s future with.

Why Do You Need The Worldwide Immigration & Business Firm?

The digital information revolution is a great thing. People’s curiosity or questions can be found on websites, there are several means where your curiosity can be answered like social media, chat rooms, blogs, newsgroup sites, etc., but in most cases you cannot get precise answers through website alone.

There are Ten reasons why you may wish to consider hiring our firm:

01: The stakes are high:  

It is not just the money you spend, but you also spend year/s (time), energy and your future plans are on hold.

02: Process:

The process is very complex. Immigration and Business Regulations, where the most extensive changes and many provisions are still not clear. You cannot afford to make mistakes that may compel you to repeat the process again and again.

03: Interview Waiver:

Increase the chance of an interview waiver; often we can help you get an interview waiver by providing additional documents, which are not listed in Immigration’s “document lists”.

04: Comfort:

Our clients come from all parts of society. Many of our clients are well-educated professionals and business persons. They manage large work forces and funds but when it comes to the best interests of their immigration and corporate law needs, they do not want to do it by themselves. They want the comfort of an experienced and knowledgeable firm assisting them with the processes. Immigration and corporate can be quite complex at times, especially as new laws are created and implemented. It is important to know what your legal rights are and the correct process to follow for achieving your immigration and business goal. We provide the comfort you need. Think of WWIBF, as your personal ‘Legal Department’ – advising and helping you on every step towards destination.

05: Special Issues:

Sometimes past criminal convictions, medical problems, security issues, missing records, past failed applications, misstatements and other sensitive topics can create ‘special issues’ regarding your admissibility to the country as a permanent immigrant, visitor, worker, or student. If one or more of these ‘special issues’ affect your case, you most likely need the services of trained and qualified lawyers at WWIBF.

06: Shortage of Time:

Time is always a valuable commodity. Many of our clients are simply too busy to initiate and follow through their own immigration and business applications. At WWIBF we provide the necessary commitment of time to your immigration and corporate needs so you can spend your time on other matters.

07: Navigating the Bureaucracy:

Citizenship and Immigration, the Tax Revenue Services and other government agencies and courts can be complex bureaucracies to navigate. In addition to having ‘visa posts’ around the world, immigration delivery networks and implementing the Government’s policies, the government continues to engage in significant changes as it implements new immigration, refugee and citizenship and corporate laws. In this maze of decision-makers and shifting policy approaches, it is important to have a navigator who makes sure that you reach your destination – the issuance of a visa of your choice. All countries have an excellent and informative websites, it is often difficult to make meaning of the information provided. We understand what they mean and can interpret it for you and in your best interests.

08: Multicultural Sensitivity:

Immigration and Corporate law is one of the most ‘multicultural’ area of law practice. It requires sensitivity to the cultures, languages, customs and traditions of peoples from around the world. With access to multi-lingual staff and our past experience in assisting immigrants and business clients from all over the world, we pride ourselves on our firms ‘multicultural sensitivity’. Whatever your linguistic and cultural needs are, we believe that we can embrace the challenge.

09: Business:

Business owners may be involved in various legal situations such as lawsuits or require help with various legal issues. Owners of both small and large businesses hire attorneys for a variety of reasons such as purchasing property, establishing a new venture, complying with labor laws and preparing taxes. WWIBF is the right choice in this case

10: Cost:

The cost is worth the benefits. WWIBF legal fees is competitive and are payable in installments, as your case progresses. The cost of failure is much higher.

Contact us so we can start working towards your dreams with excellent and painless services.