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eligibility criteria

You may be able to sponsor your spouse, partner, or dependant children to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents if you meet the requirements.

  • You’re A Canadian Citizen, A Permanent Resident Of Canada

  • help them out financially

  • you’re at least 18 years old

  • you live in Canada

Sponsor your spouse, partner, or child

Sponsor your parents and grandparents

Sponsor your relatives

Parent and grandparent super visa

Intercountry adoption

spouses or partners who are victims of abuse

victims of family violence

To become a sponsor, you must promise to financially support the people you are sponsoring for a period of time.
The undertaking commits you to
  • provide financial support for your sponsored family members for 20 years, starting when they become permanent residents
  • repaying any provincial social assistance (money from the government) your sponsored family members get during that time
Also, you and your sponsored family members need to agree to certain responsibilities during the undertaking period. We call this the sponsorship agreement.
The sponsorship agreement means that
you’ll provide for the basic needs of your sponsored family members, including
  • food
  • clothing
  • utilities
  • personal requirements
  • shelter
  • fuel
  • household supplies
health care not covered by public health insurance, such as eye and dental care
  • the person you sponsor will make every effort to support themselves and their family members
  • This agreement is still valid, and you must still cover basic needs for the period it covers, even in the case of
  • marriage ending, separation, or divorce
  • family rifts
  • unemployment
  • change in finances
  • death of the main applicant, if you also sponsor their family members
  • When you apply, you’ll have to complete and sign a form that includes the undertaking and the sponsorship agreement.