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Blue Card


About the Blue Card

A “Blue Card” is a permit that allows highly-qualified citizens of non-European Union countries to legally reside and work in an EU country. A Blue Card is issued to an employee with a university degree or at least 5 years of professional experience.

To be eligible for a Blue Card, an employee must be paid a salary equivalent to at least 3 times the average national salary (at the time of publication, 3 times the average national salary equals €2,380, before taxes), except for practitioners of 27 key professions (see below).

A Blue Card in Lithuania is usually issued for 3 years. If the term of the labour contract is for a shorter period, a Blue Card may be issued for the duration of the contract plus 3 months.

Family members of a Blue Card holder are also allowed to reside in the Republic of Lithuania. They will be issued a permit to temporarily reside in Lithuania for the same duration as their Blue-Card-holding family member.

Expedited Blue Card procedure

A Blue Card may be issued to practitioners of the following professions on an expedited basis (30 days regular, 15 days fast-track), provided their labour contract is for at least one year and the salary is at least 1.5 times the national average (at the time of publication, 1.5 times the average national salary equals €1,190, before taxes).

IT specialists from non-EU countries can receive Lithuanian living and working permits on an expedited basis.

  1. Programmer
  2. Programming engineer
  3. Computer system architect
  4. Computer application engineer
  5. Computer software developer
  6. Software tester
  7. Database administrator
  8. Administrator of information technology systems
  9. Computer system administrator
  10. Network analyst
  11. Specialist of information technology and communication safety
  12. Avionics engineer
  13. Graphics engineer
  14. Computer system analyst
  15. Consultant on business information technologies
  16. Consultant on the issues of computer systems
  17. Production organisation engineer
  18. Printing technologist
  19. Technical maintenance equipment engineer
  20. Sewing technologist
  21. Production engineer
  22. Aviation engineer
  23. Aviation mechanical equipment engineer
  24. Aviation technician
  25. Mechanical engineer
  26. Construction worker
  27. Food and beverage technician

1. If your salary is 1.5x the average monthly gross salary in Lithuania (~€ 1200 ) follow this guide:

Step 1:

Get all your documents ready

  • Completed applicationform and photo (40×60) matching age
  • Passport
  • Police clearance certificate(s) of competent authority(ies) where individual last resided
  • Documents confirming high professional qualification:
    • university diploma
    • recommendation of the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on academic recognition of foreign qualifications (process takes ~1 week)


    • A document, certifying five years of professional experience of a level comparable to higher education qualifications and which is relevant in the profession or sector specified in the work contract or binding job offer (issued by the Ministry of Economy)
  • A mediation document from the employer in which a commitment is made to employ a foreigner according to an employment agreement, or an employment agreement
  • Schengen visa (C) (if the application is submitted to the Migration department).
  • Notarized consent from the owner of the residence in Lithuania where the foreigner will temporarily reside. This document can be submitted at the completion/execution stage
  • Health insurance (minimum cover of €5,792.4). This document can be submitted at the completion/execution stage
  • A confirmed list of foreign states in which the applicant has resided or visited.

Step 2:

The Process

(Both submission of documents to migration unit/diplomatic mission and submission of documents to the Lithuanian labour exchange happen simultaneously)

  1. Submission of required documents todiplomatic mission of Lithuania orMigration department:

Fast Track

1 month 172


2 months 86

Completed application formSubmission of required documents by employer to the Lithuanian Labour Exchange:

  • Passport copy
  • Recommendationof the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on academic recognition of foreign qualifications (process takes ~1 week)
  • Document confirming that the employer has looked for employees in the local labour market
  • State fee28, processing period 1 month

If you have further questions, you can contact directly with immigration lawyer: