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Temporary Residence Permit


Temporary Residence Permit:

According to the laws of Republic of Lithuania, a temporary residence permit, alien the right for temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania for a period specified in the permit.

Option 1:  Residence Permit by Branch Office

  1. Company must be one year old and active in your home country.
  2. All incorporation documents (Certificate of the Company; Articles, Establishing Act or Agreement.
  3. Validity of Residence permit 2 years, extendable.
  4. 1-4 persons may apply for residence permit.
  5. It will take 2 to 3 months, once apply.

Option 2:  Residence Permit Card by establishment the Company.

Conditions for granting a permit for a temporary residence in Lithuania for business purposes (when you have Limited Liability Company in Lithuania):

  1. The Client/s needs to buy to establish new company in Lithuania;
  2. The minimum authorized capital of a company (Joint Stock Company) shall be 28000.00 EUR. (It is not necessary to have 28 000. 00 EUR.).
  3. One shareholder in the company shall hold shares of at least 14,000 EUR value. There may be 2 shareholders in the company; however, each of them in the company shall have shares of at least 14000.00 EUR value. 1-4 persons can apply for residence permit on this ground.
  4. A company shall be operating for at least 6 months and there shall be at least 3 employees in a company who shall receive a minimum wage. The minimum wage in Lithuania is 325 EUR. Employees shall be residents of Lithuania or persons who have permits for a temporary residence in Lithuania.


1 .You need to establish or buy existing/established company in Lithuania;

  1. Need to employ 3 workers;
  2. Company has to do activities for 6 months and after 6 months the Client/s can apply for residence card to Migration office.
  3. Residence permit is issued for 1 year, for the first time;
  4. Residence permit is issued within 2-4 months after applying.

If you have further questions, you can contact directly with immigration lawyer:

Fast Track

1 month 172


2 months 86

Completed application formSubmission of required documents by employer to the Lithuanian Labour Exchange:

  • Passport copy
  • Recommendationof the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education on academic recognition of foreign qualifications (process takes ~1 week)
  • Document confirming that the employer has looked for employees in the local labour market
  • State fee28, processing period 1 month

If you have further questions, you can contact directly with immigration lawyer: